Black Friday FAQ – Light Bar Supply

Black Friday FAQ

UPDATE: 12/10/2016:

Hey guys! Tons of orders have arrived and we appreciate all of your amazing pictures and responses. Keep them coming and THANK you for your patience! We love all of our customers.

IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED YOUR ORDER YET: Do not worry! Our latest shipment had issues with customs clearance but they are en route to our warehouse. Our team should have everything shipped out our doors this week. 

Our orders ship from Nevada and California and New Jersey and should arrive within just a few days to anywhere in the USA. Most, if not ALL orders will arrive before Christmas and you should have no problems as many many customers have already received their orders and are very happy - you're next!

Thank you for your support and patience, we know you will love your order!



Thank you for your massive response to our sale!

In all honesty we did not expect the sale to be SO SO big! We are swamped and working literally 18 hour days.

Everything is running smoothly, just with the thousands of orders it is going to take us a bit of extra time to ship
so we appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

FIRST - Shipping Delays

Due to the huge response to our sale, we are experiencing minor shipping delays.

Orders from Friday 25th  and Saturday 26th are already shipped and many already arrived.

Orders from Sunday 27th  and Monday 28th are awaiting our new truckload of stock set to arrive Monday or Tuesday.

Please allow between 6-15 business days for this entire process to complete. 

We will get shipping them out the moment the truck arrives to us. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

SECOND - Missing Items

If you ordered a bundle and are missing items, please read this carefully.

To provide you free shipping we ship the items separetely and they will arrive in different boxes.

Please be patient - if you ordered multiple and only received a partial - it will arrive very soon.

THIRD - Tracking 

Once items leave our warehouse door - they usually arrive within just 4 days to most USA locations.

For this reason we do not provide tracking unless specifically asked as most times they are already out for delivery.

We are working to send out a big push of tracking numbers within the next few days so please be patient.

Once again, thank you so much for your support, understanding, and  patience as we get these orders shipped out.

We have extra staff and are all working literally around the clock to get these orders out to you

Many thanks,

Brian + The Team